Three Ways to Watch More March Madness Without Ignoring the Kids

I can’t get enough March Madness.  Bring on the games! In my no-kids-allowed, temporarily-single-again dream world, nothing stops me from lounging in my comfy arm-chair in front of my home’s largest television from noon to midnight this coming Thursday and Friday. Nothing can shift my focus from college basketball – not soccer practices, not diapers, … [Read more…]

Tim Tebow and the Difference Between Persistent and Naive

“He will never miss a chance to ‘Tebow’ toward the camera, will he?” In 2011, I sarcastically scoffed at then-Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow, kneeling with fist to forehead, after throwing a game-winning touchdown pass. At that time, I dismissed Tebow as a glory-hound – a guy whose larger-than-life, holier-than-thou public persona dwarfed his athletic … [Read more…]

A Story Need Not Be Pretty Or Pink – Lessons From Movie Star Andrew McCarthy

I wish I were a great storyteller, one as effortless as “Pretty in Pink” star, Andrew McCarthy. If I were, I’d begin my story by talking about the shining Hollywood star’s past big-screen triumphs.  I’d move on quickly to McCarthy’s current television and literary feats. Instead, though, my tale starts simply with me, at the … [Read more…]

Parenting In a Peanut Shell – Two Lessons From Ex-NFL Star Charles Tillman

Charles Tillman’s stride was confident as he moved toward the bright stage – unfazed by the shower of compliments from the Dove Men + Care executive at the podium. His braided hair bounced as he skipped a stair and hopped gracefully onto the stage – entering the awaiting spotlight. Tillman took in the applause welcoming … [Read more…]

She’s My Valentine, For Now

“Dad, I can’t give that one to him!” My 7 year-old daughter’s face wrinkled in disgust as if I’d suggested something awful. My out-stretched hand held a flimsy, valentine with two puppies pictured on the front. “Why not?” I asked in ignorance – I hadn’t even taken the time to read it. “Look at what … [Read more…]

Are Schools and Organizations Ready For Accountability In Fundraising?

Gone are the days of answering the front door to find an adorable Girl Scout selling cookies or thick, jersey-clad jock selling the World’s Finest Chocolate. Fundraisers are different now – and for good reason. Children can’t canvass neighborhoods asking for donations or orders anymore – most of us don’t know our next door neighbors, … [Read more…]