Are Schools and Organizations Ready For Accountability In Fundraising?

Gone are the days of answering the front door to find an adorable Girl Scout selling cookies or thick, jersey-clad jock selling the World’s Finest Chocolate. Fundraisers are different now – and for good reason. Children can’t canvass neighborhoods asking for donations or orders anymore – most of us don’t know our next door neighbors, … [Read more…]

Does My Toddler Need Preschool?

To VPK or not to VPK? That is the question for many parents trying to evaluate the relative value of placing our toddler into a formal preschool program for the upcoming school year. Up to this point, our little ones are left only to us to mold.  So, while a preschool decision could be considered … [Read more…]

Is An Allergy For One An Allergy For All?

“No bread?  No beer?  You’re kidding me!” I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 7 years ago but can clearly remember my doctor’s response to my initial, shocked discontent. The scrubs-clan doc calmly looked at me and said, “You know, Mr. Walsh, you’ll have no meds to take and will feel better right away.  This … [Read more…]