My Son Is Not Gifted And I’m Glad

My son was disappointed when my wife broke the news, “Lynden, you didn’t make the Gifted Program at school.” He played-off his dejection, but I could tell the finality bothered him. I was relieved. Sure, there was a part of me that scoffed at the notion of my straight-A-earning, otherwise seemingly capable third grader wasn’t … [Read more…]

Seton O’Connor of The Dan Patrick Show – The Dude, The Dad, The Danette

“Not again!”  I’m both anxious and livid as I stare at my silent phone. I’m two minutes into the start of an interview with Seton O’Connor of The Dan Patrick Show and we’ve been disconnected twice. Suddenly, though, my phone comes to life and a recognizable giggle echoes through the line, “Tobin?” All I can … [Read more…]