The Four Classes of Concert-Dad-Nuts

My daughter’s first grade choir concert on Tuesday was entitled “We’re nuts!” Although aptly named for the squirrel and nut-themed songs, the title may have been a more accurate description of most parents watching. I saw four classifications of proud, supportive, concert-dad-nuts.  All of these nut classifications fit nicely within the definition of a Good-Bad … [Read more…]

Yes, I Have A Big Family – Get Over It

I am beginning to understand how a zoo-confined gorilla must feel watching the crowds pass by.  Some of the spectators breeze by while making subtle comments while others stop to stare.  The caged animal has a choice to make – carry on as if they don’t notice the attention or acknowledge the gawking with a … [Read more…]

The Questions I Asked About Adoption I Now Answer

I welcome all adoption related questions.  I love to talk about our process with anyone that is interested. I’m asked two questions most frequently: How much did the process cost? Why did you adopt? These questions are perfectly acceptable – I welcome them with two caveats for the person asking. First, I’m less comfortable openly … [Read more…]