All I Want For Father’s Day

On Father’s Day I’ll celebrate my children. I’m thankful for the man they’ve made me. “Dad” is a label that I’ve grown into.  It’s a title that I wear proudly although I might complain about it frequently. In typical Good-Bad Dad fashion, the aspects of fatherhood that I tend to lament are those things that … [Read more…]

I Hate Your Kids And You Will Hate Mine

Three days removed from my daughter’s 7th birthday sleepover extravaganza, I can confidently say that I hate other people’s kids as much as they will likely hate mine soon. Hosting my kids’ friends in mass is downright torturous – and the torture produces unintentional, but obvious, dad-to-kid tension. I was able to survive the Saturday … [Read more…]

“May”-be Elementary Schools Need More Excitement and Less Homework and Fences

It has taken until May for my kids’ school to, finally, provide the care-free elementary school experience I remember having. Between the recent 50’s themed dress-up day, the let-up of the previously endless worksheets coming home and the flyers publicizing future class parties, I am finally feeling like my kids are delighted to go to … [Read more…]