I Hate Your Kids And You Will Hate Mine

Three days removed from my daughter’s 7th birthday sleepover extravaganza, I can confidently say that I hate other people’s kids as much as they will likely hate mine soon. Hosting my kids’ friends in mass is downright torturous – and the torture produces unintentional, but obvious, dad-to-kid tension. I was able to survive the Saturday … [Read more…]

Dad Raps: Advice From Your Kid

Sit down Dad, we need to talk, About the hurried way you eat, walk and talk. I know I’m a kid and I have growing to do, But my lil’ mind can’t ignore some changes in you.   Is life wearing you down or is it me? If it makes your day better, I’ll just … [Read more…]

Uncertainty Is The Only Adoption Certainty

The gray clouds of uncertainty are omnipresent in adoption.  I have come to accept this as fact. All parents experience unpredictability, but adoption amplifies it.  The exaggerated uncertainty for me is a result of self-doubt and the constant fear of the unknown. Adoption’s uncertainty will test any family’s mettle.  These dense, gray clouds continue to … [Read more…]

Dad Duds: Three Elements of Good-Bad Dad-Brain

I find there to be three elements to having Good-Bad Dad-Brain when dealing with my kids’ unending requests of me. #1 – Meet the request, comment, complaint or whining with immediate skepticism. #2 – Finding personal benefit in addressing the situation. #3 – Reconciling the valor of your answer by asking “W.W.M.D” (or “what would … [Read more…]

“May”-be Elementary Schools Need More Excitement and Less Homework and Fences

It has taken until May for my kids’ school to, finally, provide the care-free elementary school experience I remember having. Between the recent 50’s themed dress-up day, the let-up of the previously endless worksheets coming home and the flyers publicizing future class parties, I am finally feeling like my kids are delighted to go to … [Read more…]