The Death of the Parent-Volunteer

I’ve watched the death of the parent-volunteer as each sport season passes. In fact, my own attentive-dad-volunteering vigor has begun to wither so early in this tee ball season. But, it’s not only me – and not only with baseball. Parents just aren’t volunteering anymore – and, because I’ve been suckered into picking up the … [Read more…]

The Warmth of American Girl Chicago

To say the temperature was 0 degrees was, at best, an understatement and, at worst, an injustice. The Chicago wind was howling, the holiday lights were rustling from the trees overhead.  The light, pretty snowflakes fell unnoticed as I hurried my kids toward American Girl’s flagship store on Michigan Avenue. We were freezing – and, … [Read more…]

Product Review: CozyPhones – Headphones for Kids

Any parent can understand the three biggest kid complaints on a road trip: (1) “This is taking forever!” (2) “Dad, he/she keeps touching me!” (3) “Dad, turn it up – I can’t hear the radio (or movie).”  The first two complaints are stone-cold locks that have no solution – well, except flying to your destination or buying a … [Read more…]