Dad Raps: Dad Is No Mom

My wife went away for the weekend – for some much needed time away.

I’ve done my best while she’s gone, but I’m better with her here – and my kids know it.

We’ve had fun, but definitely miss Mom.


Dad Is No Mom

“She’s only gone a few days,” that’s what he’ll say,

As Dad gives Mom a kiss and her plane flies away.


He’ll see us down and Dad will contend,

“For the next three days we’ll have fun without end.”


It’s only day one and things sure have changed,

The house is a mess – what was in good order is now rearranged.


That’s not all, when Dad is in charge,

The portions at meals are particularly large.


It’s not just the size but what we are eating,

Nothing organic, much requires re-heating.


It’s not just the food, bedtime is just whenever,

Last night we slept on the couch, Mom would have known better.

Vivi, age 7, fast asleep on the couch (June 2016).

Vivi (age 7) fast asleep on the couch (June 2016).


By the end of day two, we know Dad is stressed,

Watching all of us is tough, but he’s trying his best.


He’s just not Mom, and it’s clear to us,

That they are a team, being together is a must.


Today is day three, when Mom’s plane flies back,

We’re tired from bedtime-whenever, ready for a healthy snack.


Really we’re yearning to simply hug Mom,

And tell her how much we’re glad she is home.


“She’s only gone a few days,” that’s how this adventure began,

We’re glad it’s over, we’re a family again.


We had three good days, and Dad worked hard,

To make sure we had fun and never were bored.


But no matter Dad’s mood – whether stressed, silly or calm,

Our family is better together, because Dad is no Mom.

Lynden (age 8), Everett (age 3) and Vivi (age 7) found a flattened bug on a bike ride (June 2016)

Lynden (age 8), Everett (age 3) and Vivi (age 7) found a flattened bug on a bike ride (June 2016).


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