Product Review: CozyPhones – Headphones for Kids

Any parent can understand the three biggest kid complaints on a road trip:

(1) “This is taking forever!”

(2) “Dad, he/she keeps touching me!”

(3) “Dad, turn it up – I can’t hear the radio (or movie).” 

The first two complaints are stone-cold locks that have no solution – well, except flying to your destination or buying a bigger vehicle so that the complaining is muted.

Emersyn, 20 months, listening to music in her unicorn CozyPhones.

For #3, the simple solution for those of us with the option is to plug in headphones in an attempt to occupy our little ones.

Headphones seem like a win-win for both parent and child.  The kids hear Shrek or Justin Bieber for the thousandth time and us parents blissfully enjoy the ability to cut out 30% of the normal car-time, backseat complaining.

For my family and, more specifically, my kids under 4 though, head phones are a conundrum.

Our youngest child, 20-month old Emersyn, simply won’t keep headphones on – EVER.  She’s either (1) grabbing them to satisfy her curiosity about the unknown source of the noise she is hearing, or (2) ripping them off in disgust for the non-PJ Masks movie selection her siblings have chosen.

For Everett, our 4 year-old, his headphones slip off constantly.  Even worse, he can’t seem to get them back on adequately – leaving us to plead for his older siblings to help frequently in the backseat.

But, I may have found a headphone solution thanks to CozyPhones – who kindly provided us two Kids Character Headband Headphones to try out on a recent weekend trip.

First things first – the look and feel.

My little ones needed no coaxing to give the CozyPhones a try – the green monster and purple unicorn styles made the beginning of our trip akin to dressing up for trick-or-treating.

Initially, I thought the CozyPhones looked like a winter ear cover and worried about them being too hot for a summer road trip – but my kids never complained.  The comfort of the bands was never an issue for either child.

As an additional bonus, the embedded speakers are adjustable.  Emersyn seemed to do better with the speakers near the back of her head while Everett preferred to have them nestled directly on top of his ears.  Quick access to the speakers through an opening on the back of the CozyPhones made for easy, on-road adjustments.

Will they keep them on?

My 4 year-old had no issues keeping the CozyPhones on – in fact, he fell fast asleep in them.

Emersyn, my almost 2 year-old, did yank her CozyPhones off frequently.  Every few minutes we’d re-position my daughter’s unicorn band without fear of breaking or damaging them.

The audio cord that dangles from the back of the CozyPhones was the only noted nuisance by my 4 year-old.

Everett, age 4, sleeping with his green monster CozyPhones.

Given my son’s cord-complaints, I did note the durable construction of the cord – not the typical lightweight, easily-destructible plastic I’m used to.


The kids versions CozyPhones cost about $20 and are available online with free shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee.

I found CozyPhones to be much more durable than the run-of-the-mill headphones, making the price relatively inexpensive given the value (and hours of quiet) they will provide.

Even if CozyPhones cannot divert all of the inevitable car-trip-kid-complaints, they may help reduce their frequency.

And, less complaining from the backseat is something that all parents faced with the daunting task of a car full of kids embarking on a long, boring ride will cherish – I know that we did.

About CozyPhones:

CozyPhones is a Veteran-owned, family business founded by Paul Miller after his own experimentation with sleeping headphones.

For more information about CozyPhones, their story, their products, ordering and product reviews, visit their website,

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