Seton O’Connor of The Dan Patrick Show – The Dude, The Dad, The Danette

“Not again!”  I’m both anxious and livid as I stare at my silent phone.

I’m two minutes into the start of an interview with Seton O’Connor of The Dan Patrick Show and we’ve been disconnected twice.

Suddenly, though, my phone comes to life and a recognizable giggle echoes through the line, “Tobin?”

All I can think to say is, “Seton, I have two strikes now, one more and I’m out.”

The errant start to our chat should have clued me in that I was in for a ride – a journey into the life of a multi-faceted, engaging husband, father, friend and music aficionado.

This is Seton O’Connor.seton-biocard-center

The Dude

Seton’s words are soaked in passion as we talk first about his love of music.

“I shared a room with my brother when I was growing up.  He was five years older so I did everything he did – including getting into the same bands.  While my friends were listening to M.C. Hammer, I thought The Cure and Motley Crew were unreal.”

His signature laugh extends the thought, “I literally thought ‘Shout at the Devil’ was the greatest album ever.”

Music is still a cornerstone in Seton’s life – whether playing the guitar, selecting tunes for The Dan Patrick Show, or hosting his own podcast, Seton Calling, which showcases his favorite bands.

There is no question, Seton exudes cool.

The Dad

Beyond Seton’s tattoo-covered, indie-rocker exterior, lies a devout husband and father.

Seton’s son, Kieran, is 6 years-old and, in his words, “Is sometimes so cool to hang with that I couldn’t imagine him not being around.  Ever.  Being a dad is unbelievable.”

O’Connor’s statement is as sweet as genuine.  I can feel his sentiment as he continues, “When we found out we were expecting, my wife and I were like, ‘What if the baby is different from us?’  Of course, I thought, ‘What if he doesn’t laugh at my jokes?’”

The tongue-in-cheek comment turns reflective as Seton adds, “But, you know, he is an absolutely perfect combination of both of us.  It’s amazing.  So cool.”

Parenting is not without struggle for Seton – juggling busy careers, new projects, work-related travel and appearance demands make quality time together a challenge.

“The toughest part for me is, when I get home, Kieran is like, ‘Dad is home, let’s play – see you later Mom.’   Spending time all together, as a group, is a struggle.”

I empathize with his challenges, and ask Seton how he gauges if he’s a successful dad and husband.

Confidently, O’Connor responds, “We do our best to assess how we did all the time.  I’m a big ‘trust your gut guy’.  If my family is happy and it feels right, it usually is.”

Seton is a doting dad.

The Danette

Seton will be forever linked to The Dan Patrick Show’s fun loving group of co-pilots affectionately called the Danettes.

O'Connor with Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh (Right) and show host Dan Patrick (Center).

O’Connor with Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh (Right) and host Dan Patrick.

The lineup includes:

Paul “Paulie” Pabst – Executive Producer and Seton’s front-row pal

Todd Fritz (a.k.a: “Fritzy”) – Executive Producer and the show’s booker

Andrew “McLovin” Perloff – Sports Illustrated writer, show blogger and daily poll-creator

The chemistry between the Danette’s and host Dan Patrick keeps the show fresh, vibrant and engaging.

The Danettes respect, understand and like each other.  I feel a spirit of comradery when I ask O’Connor to participate in, what I call, the Dad-Danette Olympics.

The game is simple: I give Seton a common parenting issue and he tells me which Dad-Danette is most capable.

Event #1: Best Danette at diaper-ing an infant.

Seton’s Pick: McLovin – “Andrew is super involved with his kids, he’s thorough and focused on germ avoidance.”

Event #2: Best Danette at getting a toddler to sleep.

Seton’s Pick: “Fritzy – hands down, no question.  Todd is the nicest, kindest, big teddy-bear-of-a-guy.  He’d have the kid sleeping, even if he had to read book after book until the little guy was out.”

Event #3: Best Danette for teaching a kid how to ride a bike.

Seton’s Pick: “I should be thrown out of this one.  Kieran was riding on a half-pipe at 3 and was on a two-wheeler by age 4.  He can already pull some tricks that are both terrifying and so sick.”

Event #4: Best at handling the following situation: your kid is in the principal’s office and a Danette is needed to smooth things over to avoid a suspension.  Who are you sending in?

Seton’s Pick: “Easy – Paulie.  Paul has a ‘guy’ for everything – he’s a straight up wheeler-dealer.  Paulie would be best buds with the principal in no time.”

Seton and I share a laugh as our conversation begins to wind down.

His exuberance is contagious – even through a phone line that, again, has become garbled.  Through the crackled connection, a few truths remain crystal clear:

Seton exemplifies cool – from the old-school Converse “Chuck’s” to the plain colored hoodie.

Seton will be forever linked to the goofball-friends that The Dan Patrick Show has brilliantly united.

Seton is a family man – doing his best, trusting his gut and enjoying the ride.

That is Seton O’Connor.

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