Yes, I Have A Big Family – Get Over It

I am beginning to understand how a zoo-confined gorilla must feel watching the crowds pass by.  Some of the spectators breeze by while making subtle comments while others stop to stare.  The caged animal has a choice to make – carry on as if they don’t notice the attention or acknowledge the gawking with a … [Read more…]

The Questions I Asked About Adoption I Now Answer

I welcome all adoption related questions.  I love to talk about our process with anyone that is interested. I’m asked two questions most frequently: How much did the process cost? Why did you adopt? These questions are perfectly acceptable – I welcome them with two caveats for the person asking. First, I’m less comfortable openly … [Read more…]

Struggling With Unstructured Play

I’ve messed up my kids – we’re one day into Spring Break and I am sure of that fact. Staying home with my family today, I’ve realized that my Good-Bad Dad fast breaking pace might need to change – and change quickly for the benefit of the little ones I thought I was serving. Today … [Read more…]

My Dad Duty: Be the Face of Immunizations

My Good-Bad Dad skills are on display during my endless “well-baby” checkups.  As with most of the tenets of being a GBD, these skills will go generally unnoticed but are no-less valuable – particularly for my starting five. There is no better way to illustrate the tempered down nature of my parenting over time than … [Read more…]