Product Review: CozyPhones – Headphones for Kids

Any parent can understand the three biggest kid complaints on a road trip: (1) “This is taking forever!” (2) “Dad, he/she keeps touching me!” (3) “Dad, turn it up – I can’t hear the radio (or movie).”  The first two complaints are stone-cold locks that have no solution – well, except flying to your destination or buying a … [Read more…]

Do Kids Ever Get Cheaper?

Each Friday, when my boys were toddlers, I’d dutifully hand over my check to our child care provider. I’d do so while dreaming of the time that they’d reach kindergarten and these checks would no longer be needed. Just imagine all the money I’ll have, right?  I picture myself as Uncle Scrooge in the DuckTales’ … [Read more…]

The NFL Draft Creates Millionaires, I’ll Attempt to Raise Great Kids

The NFL Draft will fulfill dreams and make millionaires tonight in Philadelphia. Images of the Roger Goodell bro-hugs and #1 jersey-holding pictures with the selected player’s family will dominate Friday’s sports headlines. The watching audience will listen as analysts pick apart the relative value of one draft pick over another – citing skills that they … [Read more…]