Seton O’Connor of The Dan Patrick Show – The Dude, The Dad, The Danette

“Not again!”  I’m both anxious and livid as I stare at my silent phone. I’m two minutes into the start of an interview with Seton O’Connor of The Dan Patrick Show and we’ve been disconnected twice. Suddenly, though, my phone comes to life and a recognizable giggle echoes through the line, “Tobin?” All I can … [Read more…]

My Kids Need to Fail

Whether it be open houses, pre-school year meet-and-greets or a P.T.A meeting, opportunities are plentiful for us parents to be as active as we wish to be at school.  For me, trying to get to everything for multiple kids can be a part-time job – one that I keenly enjoy. My kid-centric, hyper-focus has me … [Read more…]

As Simone Biles Wins Gold, Let’s Puncture the Adoption Circle of Silence

The story of Simone Biles should have reignited an open discussion about the gift of adoption. Biles was adopted by her biological grandparents.  Her story, like that of so many adoptive families, is one of triumph though struggle – of meager beginnings and extraordinary accomplishments. Over the past few days, though, the shine of the … [Read more…]