As Simone Biles Wins Gold, Let’s Puncture the Adoption Circle of Silence

The story of Simone Biles should have reignited an open discussion about the gift of adoption. Biles was adopted by her biological grandparents.  Her story, like that of so many adoptive families, is one of triumph though struggle – of meager beginnings and extraordinary accomplishments. Over the past few days, though, the shine of the … [Read more…]

Uncertainty Is The Only Adoption Certainty

The gray clouds of uncertainty are omnipresent in adoption.  I have come to accept this as fact. All parents experience unpredictability, but adoption amplifies it.  The exaggerated uncertainty for me is a result of self-doubt and the constant fear of the unknown. Adoption’s uncertainty will test any family’s mettle.  These dense, gray clouds continue to … [Read more…]

The Questions I Asked About Adoption I Now Answer

I welcome all adoption related questions.  I love to talk about our process with anyone that is interested. I’m asked two questions most frequently: How much did the process cost? Why did you adopt? These questions are perfectly acceptable – I welcome them with two caveats for the person asking. First, I’m less comfortable openly … [Read more…]