Dad Raps: Dad Is No Mom

My wife went away for the weekend – for some much needed time away. I’ve done my best while she’s gone, but I’m better with her here – and my kids know it. We’ve had fun, but definitely miss Mom. ********* Dad Is No Mom “She’s only gone a few days,” that’s what he’ll say, … [Read more…]

Dad Raps: Free to Stray

When I pick my kids up from school, I’m impressed to see the neat lines of students waiting for their parents. Kids all stand on predestined areas marked with lines on the ground – some painted, some chalk. As impressive as the organization is, I generally scoff at the over-management of our kids at elementary … [Read more…]

Dad Raps: Advice From Your Kid

Sit down Dad, we need to talk, About the hurried way you eat, walk and talk. I know I’m a kid and I have growing to do, But my lil’ mind can’t ignore some changes in you.   Is life wearing you down or is it me? If it makes your day better, I’ll just … [Read more…]