Have “Workout Regret”? Get Over It – Be a #Dadlete For Your Kids

Disclaimer: The following is a sponsored post in collaboration with Russell Athletic. All opinions expressed are my own. 

I know the symptoms of workout regret:

(1) The worry of rushing to pick up the kids from after-school care only to cart them to the local gym to enter another child care facility.

(2) Converting an hour workout into a 35 minute blitz because your internal clock is telling you the kids have to be starving.

(3) The embarrassment of sore muscles from a tough set of bicep curls getting in the way of participating in my 4 year-old’s front yard ballgame.

I’m a good parent, trying to stay fit, making the effort to reinforce a healthy lifestyle to my kids – but, I have workout regret.

The truth is, though, I need the workout time.  Despite the below average 10-minute mile pace and my cushy-in-too-many-places mid-section, I consider myself an athlete – or, as Russell Athletic calls me, a #Dadlete.

With Russell’s help, I’m working to cure my workout regret – rediscovering that I need not trade physical fitness for quality dad time.  In fact, my “me” time at the gym can act as a springboard for more enriching family time at home.

I’m set to make a couple of changes to embrace my inner #Dadlete:

(1) I’ll continue working out to garner energy – not to exhaust myself.  My aim should be centered on leaving the gym with more energy than when I entered.  (Note that even then, I’ll have 10% of the energy of my 20 month-old.)

(2) I’ll actually use playing with my children to get an additional calorie burn through games of their choice.  We’ll get outside and sweat together – with no screens, no internet, and, absolutely, no phones.

(3)  I’ll try to convince my kids that the almost-40-year-old goofball they call Dad is, indeed, an athlete.  To reinforce this, maybe I’ll humble my kids during our driveway basketball contest, or take my 11 year-old deep in our next front yard wiffle ball game.

If I want to show my kids that I’m a #Dadlete, my workout gear needs to upgrade, too.  I change too many heavy, wet diapers each day to feel that same sensation while changing clothes after an hour at the gym – Russell can help.

From Russell’s Fresh Force, sweat-whisking underwear to their selection of active tee’s and shorts, my fresh look will tell my kids I’m ready for business – not an ice pack – after the gym.

Now looking the part and feeling energized, I’m getting over my workout regret by changing my focus from the hour I’m missing while working out to the energy I’m igniting for having done so.

And, as I begin to make these changes, I’m discovering that curing workout regret has little to do with the hour I spend at the gym each evening – it’s about trying to maximize the time afterward.

From now on, afterward, I’ll play ball.

After that, I’ll be the all-time goal keeper.

Next, let’s toss the football around.

We can all take a bike ride together.

Why not show my kids how to set a pace for a long jog?  Hell, let’s run a 5k together in the fall!

Staying physically fit is an important aspect of parenthood – so, I’ll get over my workout regret!

In doing so, I’ll become the #Dadlete my kids deserve.

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