What Is The #MiLBRoundTripper?

The Round Tripper is not just about a crazy dad’s trek around the country to see some great, Minor League Baseball – it’s so much BIGGER!

I’ll let Emersyn (18 months) and Everett (4 years-old) explain it here:

Well, maybe they don’t understand…

The Round Tripper is about: 

(1) Having fun together as a family – with no technology and no distractions other than the crack of the bat or the thud of the catcher’s mitt.  If putting the phones down for a few hours sounds magical, join us!

(2) Raising awareness for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids – a program developed by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption focused on the needs of foster kids across the country.  There are local agencies in your town in need of support so that they can help local kids.  The first step in raising awareness is socializing the issue – we’ll be doing that at each stop!

(3) Yes – The Round Tripper is about baseball!  I want to watch some baseball, eat some great ballpark food, enjoy the creative promotions and meet some irreverent mascots!

Join us along the way or follow along:

See you soon!


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