No Excuses Guys – It’s Time to Hero Clean

For too long there have been two options for household cleaning products from a man’s point of view:

(1) the bleach-smelling, don’t-you-dare touch variety, or

(2) those products with an obnoxiously fruity or floral aroma.

Both types repel men.  Worse yet, each gives the guys in the house the false impression that household cleaning and laundry are chores reserved for Mom.  WRONG!

The artificial division of household labor between men and women is, rightfully, changing.  The product lineup from Hero Clean is helping to erase the gap, to eliminate excuses and to insist that men take ownership of the dish rag and overloaded basket of laundry.

Hero Clean creates cleaning products for men and, last Saturday, the Walsh guys ran several of their products through the paces.

We cleaned like heroes – without a cape and absent any superpowers.

Hero Clean’s scent

Initially, I worried about a “men only” product being too rugged for my house – something my wife would put up with once, only to later forbid me from its use again.

Instead, I found the fragrance of the Hero Clean products to be like a subtle cologne.  The scent was certainly not floral and, additionally, not an over-the-top, he-used-too-many-squirts deluge of manliness.

Hero Clean’s scent is based in Juniper – a flavoring ingredient in gin.  Any guy will “Cheers” to that, but will our wives or girlfriends?

My wife, who generally prefers the bleach-y smelling cleaning products, was impressed that Hero Clean’s fragrance was masculine but not patronizingly so.

The balance was perfect for us.

Hero Clean-ing the laundry

I used the Hero Clean Laundry Detergent on two loads: one with damp towels and the other with my son’s soiled soccer kit.  Hero Clean was up to the task in each case.

For load 1, Hero Clean eliminated the towels-sitting-around-too-long musk and restored our towels’ softness and bounce.

For load 2, Hero Clean removed all dirt stains and left my son’s year-long-used soccer uniform smelling anew.

Hero Clean-ing the bathroom

If there is a place for a floral aroma in the house, I don’t care for it to be located in my only place of solitary refuge a few moments each day.  For that reason, using Hero Clean in “my” bathroom makes the most sense for the long term.

Not only did the Hero Clean All-Purpose Cleaner effectively clean and sanitize the bathroom floor, counter-top and mirror, the scent left behind was uniquely masculine and welcoming.

After a much needed scrubbing, the “boys” bathroom, as we call it, did not seem as if cleaned by a female invasion of cherry blossoms and perfume.

My 9 year-old, Lynden, Hero Cleaning the Family Minivan

Hero Clean-ing the minivan

My children and I moved our cleaning party outside, to clean our minivan with Hero Clean’s Hand + Dish Soap.

The car wash was not particularly efficient – there was plenty of accidental hose spraying – but the outcome was marvelous.

Hero Clean left me with a van so sparkly that it almost looked cool.  The Hand + Dish Soap left no water spots and adequately cleaned off the gritty brake residue from my van’s wheels.

My kids ended up completely soaked.  But, I felt better that at least they weren’t covered in a harsh, soap-smelling slime that other dish soaps leave behind.

Hero Clean Summary

After an afternoon of communal Hero Clean-ing with my kids, I walked away with two key takeaways:

(1) Hero Clean, no matter the product, is appropriately masculine – not overtly lumberjack-y and certainly nowhere near a consuming perfume that guys have been forced to endure in cleaning products through time.

(2) In all forms, having Hero Clean at home eliminates any attempt for the men of the house to skirt the need to help with household cleaning.

So, whether it be helping with the laundry, deep cleaning the bathroom after guests depart, or mopping up the spilled milk from the toddler, it is about time for the men of the house to step up.

There are no excuses left.

Come on, guys, it is time to Hero Clean.

About Hero Clean

Hero Clean products are available online at, and Amazon and in-store at Wegman’s, Runnings, and select Ace Hardware stores. Hero Clean will be available nationally at Target in April.

Hero Clean’s family of cleaning products include:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Dish + Hand Soup
  • Odor Eliminator

The reviewed products were supplied by Hero Clean in support of this post. The opinions conveyed are solely that of The Good-Bad Dad.


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