ChalkOla Markers – Let The Kids Play Without the Mess

When I hear that my kids are playing with chalk of any variety, I cringe.

I hate the mess – on their clothes, their shoes, their hands and in their ears.

It’s not only the grainy dust that I dread, my children are always disappointed their chalk art creations – the faded colors, flaky remnants and how quickly their masterpiece can be washed away by wind and rain.

Against that backdrop, I was skeptical when three packages of chalk markers from ChalkOla arrived at my doorstep.

I learned quickly, though, that these are not the mess-creating, disappointment-resulting chalk markers I was accustomed to.

How we put ChalkOla markers to the test:

My kids tried three different varieties of ChalkOla products:

We tested the above markers on a number of surfaces around the house, including:

  • Windows
  • Chalk board
  • Dry-erase board
  • Cement driveway

What we liked:

(1) Radiant Colors

The colors of the ChalkOla markers were amazingly vivid – reminding me of the painted, holiday adorned grocery store fronts that I remembered as a child.

The colors were neon and omitted a black-light effect on all surfaces we tested.

The metallic colors were more muted and stone-like. These were perfect for drawings requiring more realism – like the moon or the King’s crown.

(2) Use on multiple surfaces

The product is best used on non-porous surfaces – the cement artwork was, admittedly, least impressive.

The markers worked well on a draw-erase and chalk board.

My kids’ window art, however, was the best.  On a window, the colors were glorious.  There were no issues with the colors dripping or bleeding into their siblings’ nearby masterpiece.

(3) Easy clean-up

Most of the reason I hated traditional chalk was due to the clean-up operation that followed the fun.

With ChalkOla, getting rid of the artwork was easy – requiring only a damp cloth and water.

I left my kids’ art on our windows for two nights and was able to easily wipe them clean using nothing but water, a rag and a little elbow grease.

(4) Best for my kids under 5

For my two children under 5, the wide grip 15 mm Premium Series markers worked best.  These markers were approximately the size of a banana and easy for my little ones to navigate when working horizontally.

(5) Best for my kids over 5

My older children enjoyed the metallic markers.  These were thinner and finer (4.5 mm), allowing them to provide more detail in their little Mona Lisa’s.

(6) Affordability

ChalkOla markers should not be compared with cheap sidewalk chalk – they are in a different league and demand a rightfully higher price.

Prices on Amazon, range from $13 for the normal-sized neon pack of 10, to $23 for the jumbo-sized 8 pack.

The price is in line with other, similar products – a fair price for hours of enjoyment with no risk of quick spoilage.

(7) How to order

ChalkOla fulfills orders via their website at or via Amazon.

Ordering is easy and delivery is speedy.

The GBD bottom line:

All of my kids, from my 1 year-old to my 11 year-old, were impressed with all of the chalk markers from ChalkOla.  The markers were as vibrant as simple to use.

I came away impressed that allowing them to play with chalk markers did not sign me up for hours of clean-up, five changes of clothes and an additional load of laundry.

ChalkOla gets twelve “thumbs up” from my household.

I encourage your family to give ChalkOla chalk markers a try.  When you do, send us a picture of the masterpieces your kids create.

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