5 Simple, No-Sweat Tips for Parenting Fitness

Gyms are as crowded as Target on Black Friday.

Salads have temporarily become the most popular lunch at the office.

It must be New Year’s Resolution time!

But, before you dust of running shoes and clear the treadmill of the neatly pressed work shirts, Toby Jurging – the resident health and fitness expert for The Good-Bad Dad – has five simple tips to help busy parents be more fit in 2017.

Toby’s Pre-Tip: Create S.M.A.R.T. goals

It is critical that people set goals that are:






If goals are not S.M.A.R.T., parents will get themselves off to a bad start – setting goals that are just too broad and unrealistic (for example:  lose weight, work out more).

Ask yourself: What does that mean?  How much?  By when?  

A good example of a S.M.A.R.T. goal is:  I want to lose 2 pounds in the next two weeks.  

When you have that goal formed, a parent can address the bigger question: Why?

Toby Tip #1: Sleep

Sleep more than you think and then sleep more. 

Each person is a little different, but the majority of us need 7-9 hours each night. 

It’s not only the hours, but the quality of sleep you’re getting that is important.  If possible, sleep in an environment that is completely dark and cool

Sleep is important for two reasons:

  • regulating hormonal function and balance
  • providing time our body needs to recover and rebuild.

Toby Tip #2: Hydrate

Drink a minimum of 1/2 of your body-weight in ounces of water each day.  If you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water.

If you are exercising, are overly active or are in a hot climate, then adjust with at least 15-20 additional ounces of water.

Toby Tip #3: Eat Protein

Consuming protein has multiple benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Satiety:  protein is more filling, it creates satiation so that the body feels full. As a result, people usually eat less carbs and fat – overall, taking in fewer daily calories.
  • Protein conserves muscle mass and, in the long term, helps maintain and increase metabolism.  

Toby Tip #4: Play

Get your kids and go play

Try new things, play sports and provide experiences.  This is an opportunity to be an active parent as well as to move and exercise. 

Play tag, climb on things, jump over benches, tumble, BE A KID!

Toby Tip #5: Set Daily Actions (not Goals)

All parents should be sure to set daily ACTIONS that create consistency and help form habits.

For example:  Today I will drink 80 ounces of water and do 50 push-ups. 

Recognize the difference between GOALS and ACTIONS.  Don’t write down your GOALS.  Rather, write down ACTIONS that are designed to keep you on track for attaining your goals.

These tips are the only the beginning.  Start here and build simply, slowly and with the long-term in mind.

Stay tuned for more Toby Tips during 2017.

Together, we’ll be accountable.

About Toby Jurging, MEd, ATC, CSCS

Toby is the Owner of SPC Strength and Conditioning in Kent, OH.  He is accomplished athlete, trainer and coach.

Toby has worked with a diverse cross-section of individuals – from youth to professional athletes – since 1994. He offers online training in the areas of strength, training and nutrition.

Toby lives in Kent with his wife, Heidi, and their 4 year-old triplets.

You can contact Toby via his website atwww.tobyjurging.com.


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  1. Tina Acevedo

    Two of my favorite guys named Toby working together to share some great tips! Thanks guys! Working on actions vs goals for this year!

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