Dad Duds: Three Elements of Good-Bad Dad-Brain

I find there to be three elements to having Good-Bad Dad-Brain when dealing with my kids’ unending requests of me. #1 – Meet the request, comment, complaint or whining with immediate skepticism. #2 – Finding personal benefit in addressing the situation. #3 – Reconciling the valor of your answer by asking “W.W.M.D” (or “what would … [Read more…]

“May”-be Elementary Schools Need More Excitement and Less Homework and Fences

It has taken until May for my kids’ school to, finally, provide the care-free elementary school experience I remember having. Between the recent 50’s themed dress-up day, the let-up of the previously endless worksheets coming home and the flyers publicizing future class parties, I am finally feeling like my kids are delighted to go to … [Read more…]

My Fear Behind Parental Imbalance

When handheld devices blurred the lines between work and home, there was a backlash that ignited a conversation about the importance of “work-life” balance. I see the infancy (pun-intended) of a similar movement for parenting balance as I shuttle my children from activity to activity. The basic concepts are the same.  Just as it rings … [Read more…]